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Rick Hellers, Bill Bice and Ken Bassham have known each other for more than 30 years. All are legal tech pioneers, who ended up on different paths. Now they have reconnected at the new nQ Zebraworks to help firms move their technology to the Cloud and improve both the business and practice of law.

Empowering Legal Professionals to Work from Anywhere

Whether they work in law firms, government agencies, or corporate law departments, your legal professionals must be able to access all their critical documents from anywhere—and that includes the daily mail.

Digitize your mailroom with MailQ.​

Our Solutions

Scanning & Routing

Our state-of-the-art tools, including our latest rollout, MailQ, make it easier to scan documents, such as the daily mail, process and OCR them quickly and accurately, and route them, including to the proper location in any leading DMS, resulting in better security, productivity and efficiency.
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Print Management

Our Print AnyWhere software separates the process of sending print jobs to the printer and releasing those jobs from the device, helping protect your client confidentiality and reduce waste.
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Cost Recovery

Our cost recovery software automatically captures cost and expense data to maximize cost recovery, cost management, and cost control, and help improve your firm’s bottom line.
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nQ Zebraworks + Your Firm

Ease of Use

Capture, process, and act across multiple platforms and solutions from anywhere.

Integrated Workflow & Increased Productivity

Works with all major legal software for better management of costs and existing staff resources.

Enhanced Security

Reduce your legal vulnerability with our secure workflows.

Legal Expertise

We’ve worked exclusively and successfully with the legal industry from the beginning. Any firm, any size, any practice area. We have the industry knowledge to help.

Trusted Partnership

nQ Zebraworks has been a committed partner to law firms of all sizes for 25 years.

The Goldilocks Company

nQ Zebraworks is built to compete for your business and keep your business. We are big enough to have ample resources to tackle any challenge, but also nimble enough to adjust to your ever-changing needs. We are “just right.”

Trusted by leading law firms worldwide, our technology is deployed in firms of all sizes and geographies from the largest law firm in the world to a one-person firm in Arizona. We have a strong worldwide and regional presence on three continents.

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The Latest

Erin Barrio Joins nQ Zebraworks as Marketing Director

nQ Zebraworks is pleased to welcome Erin Barrio to our team as Marketing Director. Erin has several years’ experience in marketing for legal professionals and …

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nQ Zebraworks Allies with Forrest Solutions

nQ Zebraworks is pleased to announce our alliance with Forrest Solutions, the leading provider of onsite outsourcing and staffing. Forrest is known for white-glove service …

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Rupert Murray Joins nQ Zebraworks’ Business Development Team

nQ Zebraworks is pleased to welcome Rupert Murray back to our business development team, handling the Northeastern United States. Rupert joins a long list of …

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nQ Zebraworks Launches Two New Products to Improve Law Firms’ Cash Flow

CollectionQ automates the collection workflow and InquiryQ delivers key financial information at the touch of a button. Tempe, AZ – November 17, 2020 – nQ …

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Zebraworks, nQueue Merge to Develop More Remote Cloud-Based Legal Tech

The newly merged company announced it will release two cloud-based products in the first half of 2021 with the aim of enabling remote data collection, …

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nQueue Merges with startup Zebraworks

nQueue has merged with legal tech startup Zebraworks to launch a cloud-based platform, following a spin off from parent company Reckon. Read More

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