Seamlessly route documents to SharePoint with ScanQ:

  • Scan directly to SharePoint from¬† your multi-function devices (MFDs) with our industry-leading embedded solutions.
  • Scan from any device (MFDs, desktop scanners and mobile devices) to your Queue, and route to SharePoint.

A Better Way to Scan

Law firms use SharePoint as a document repository for a number of reasons: a document management system, intranet, workflow tool, custom applications, etc. With ScanQ, integrating digitalization into your SharePoint solutions is simple and elegant.

Effortless Scanning

Scan to SharePoint from multi-function devices (MFDs), home scanners and mobile devices. SharePoint integration is supported both by our embedded solutions and Queues workflows.

Seamless Integration

ScanQ supports the full library and folder structure of SharePoint. Documents are synced to the cloud, enabling access in your SharePoint applications across devices.

Security and Compliance

ScanQ integrates with SharePoint with encrypted, secure transfer of your documents, ensuring that sensitive legal documents remain protected. The firm's security applies to SharePoint integration.

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