nQ Zebraworks is the pioneer in creating embedded technology for legal. Our Konica Minolta embedded product streamlines scanning, printing, and cost tracking workflows into a single solution using terminal-free software running directly in your multi-function device panel.

Konica Minolta Embedded Scanning, Printing and Cost Recovery

The beauty of our embedded software is that it eliminates the need for an external device to be connected to the MFD. Our embedded technology integrates with all the leading document management systems and major time and billing systems.

Scanning Workflows

ScanQ is the industry's fastest scanning solution with the most accurate OCR and smallest file size, integrated with all core systems in your firm. With PDF editing in Queues, you can easily annotate and collaborate on your documents, right in your workflow.

Digital Mailroom

A better way to deliver your physical mail to attorneys and staff, no matter where they are, with tracking, security and accountability, without clogging up your email or document management system. Delegates and Shared Queues bring new power to your workflows.

Secure Print and Cost Recovery

Print jobs are held in your Queue until you or a delegate releases it, protecting sensitive documents while reducing waste from abandoned prints. CostQ tracks costs for printing automatically with transparent client/matter pass through from your DMS.

Turbocharge Your Scanning Workflow

Automated Queues Workflows

Fully Embedded

The nQzw suite runs fully embedded on your multi-function devices. You can do everything from the device, or with one tap, send a scan to your Queue, and then return to your desk to complete the workflow, including built-in PDF editing.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

CostQ's interface is designed to make every task simpler and easier to deploy, and user-defined workflows can be built almost instantly. Users also do not have to toggle between the device screen and nQ Zebrawork's software.

Built for Speed

Not all scanning engines are the same. Built on the latest ABBY engine, ScanQ can deliver more than a page per minute at the smallest file size. It is almost the most accurate engine on the market with an astonishing 20,000 fewer errors per banker's box than our competitors.

To learn more about Embedded for Konica Minolta contact us directly to get in touch with one of our experts. 

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