Printed documents are an essential workflow of most law firms. Yet, conventional print management systems can leave your firm vulnerable to lost, misplaced or stolen documents, not to mention wasted paper from abandoned prints. Work From Anywhere has also forced firms to address the need to enable printing from multiple devices. PrintQ enables users to print from anywhere, from any device, securely. 

Print from Anywhere

PrintQ enables printing from multiple locations, using your laptop, desktop, or other devices, across your network. Print jobs are held in our innovative Queue until an authorized user arrives at the printer and authenticates the release of their jobs from any compatible device. PrintQ from anywhere our mobile app to securely release print jobs or submit documents for printing from your mobile device.


Printed paper represents significant costs for law firms. PrintQ can significantly reduce those costs. One law firm client saved $432,589 (£344,090) in one year by introducing PrintQ into its print production. The software paid for itself in just 45 days!


The same firm whose software paid for itself in 45 days also touted environmental benefits such as 1.8 million fewer printed pages each year, 219 trees saved from reduced paper waste, 14 tons of CO² not emitted into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 2.2 automobiles taken off the road.

PrintQ separates the process of sending print jobs to the printer and releasing those jobs from devices.

Why PrintQ?

PrintQ ensures easy, secure printing from any device.

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