Serverless Print Management

Simplify your law firm’s print environment with a single solution:

  • Eliminate Windows Print Servers
  • Centralized queue and driver management
  • Secure print release
  • Mobile print and release
  • Cost tracking
  • Integrated with the full nQzw Document workflows suite

Eliminate Windows Print Servers

PrintQ is a serverless printing solution that creates and manages direct IP print queues on users’ desktops instead of utilizing Windows Print Servers, reducing the cost of running and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. Gartner estimates that the average cost of a print server is between $2,000 and $5,000 per year – direct savings from going serverless.

Secure Print Release

Users print to a central queue, and then they or a delegate release from any compatible device, even on a different floor or in a different office. Print release ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information as it prevents documents from sitting on printer output trays uncollected, with added benefit of reduced environmental impact.

Centralized Management

IT administrators can define and control their print environment from a web-based portal by managing print devices and queues. Users' desktops are updated automatically whenever drivers are updated, helping keep the network more secure. Changes to printers are applied automatically, for example, a replacement of the device with a different model that has different finishing options.

Cost Tracking

Track costs with built-in integration with CostQ. Customizable rules determine what users and in what uses cases client/matter information is required. Integration with your DMS, like iManage and NetDocuments, automatically pulls client/matter IDs.

Mobile Print and Release

Users can send documents to print from their mobile devices with the nQzw Mobile App, enabling more accessible ways of printing to the office. Review your queue of print jobs to release from the app, and even release on workgroup-level printers that don't support embedded.

Integrated Solution

PrintQ is part of the complete nQzw suite of workflow solutions for scan, digital mailroom, print, and cost tracking. You no longer need multiple products from multiple vendors.

Mobile App Print and Release

Secure Print Release

Review your print queue from your mobile device. Adds support for workgroup-level printers that don't support embedded. See both your print jobs and those for whom you are a delegate.

Print from Anywhere

Send documents to print from any application on your smartphone or tablet while in the office or at any time, working from home or visiting a client. Print jobs are released at any compatible device by the user or authorized delegate.

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