CostQ makes cost recovery and analytics simple with software that tracks tasks handled on the clients’ behalf, like printing and scanning, and automatically ties that information into your time & billing system. This approach provides you with a full financial picture of costs being incurred to enable you to make the right decisions and give you a strong competitive edge when it comes to profitability.

Embedded Cost Recovery

nQ Zebraworks' is the pioneer in creating embedded technology for legal. Our embedded solutions streamline operations using terminal-free software installed directly into your multi-function devices' panel, and integrates with 22 time and billing systems and all leading document management systems.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

CostQ's interface is designed to make every task simpler and easier to deploy, and user-defined workflows can be built almost instantly. Users also do not have to toggle between the device screen and nQ Zebraworks' software.

Greener Is Better

CostQ promotes a more sustainable workplace. Elimination of terminals contributes to a greener environment by reducing resources needed to manufacture and ship terminals, reducing electricity usage and waste

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