PayQ NextGen Online Payments

The next-generation merchant account specifically designed for law firms to accept credit card and ACH payments online:

  • A simple and elegant payment experience for your clients
  • Credit card and ACH payments treated equally
  • Trust and IOLTA account management
  • Autopay and trust replenishment eliminate manual tracking
  • Lower cost, with easy-to-understand transparent pricing

Making it Easy for Clients to Pay

Fully Integrated

Our solution fully integrates with your financial management system to deliver a seamless billing workflow. Email templates for billing and A/R notices deliver payment links as part of your professional client communication.

Transparent Pricing

Tired of complex pricing that takes a spreadsheet to understand? PayQ is a flat 2.95% fee (including Amex), with no transaction fees and only a $30/month merchant account fee. No percentage charge on ACH, just a flat $1 per transfer.

Automated Workflows

PayQ can also be fully integrated with BillingQ workflows, saving your staff time and frustration by automating previously manual payment processes.


You can set up, or clients can choose to autopay their bills. Autopay can be immediate or at a set number of days after billing to allow client review beforehand. No more spreadsheets and manual processing!

Eliminate Manual Tracking

No more running reports or maintaining multiple spreadsheets to track processes. By fully integrating with your FMS our solution delivers seamless billing workflows and access to client/matter financial information.

Trust Replenishment

Workflows automate trust replenishment based on trust balance requirements enabling you to maintain evergreen accounts with full IOLTA compliance.

Simple, Elegant Payments

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