Digital Mailroom

MailQ leverages the power of Queues to create a digital workflow for your physical mail that won’t clog up your email or document management systems, with immediate, secure delivery to recipients while providing oversight and governance. 

Hybrid Operations

Firms are now operating in a hybrid work environment where you don’t know on a given day whether an attorney will be in the office, working at home or at a client’s office. Managing physical mail in this environment is cumbersome and inefficient.

Immediate Delivery

MailQ provides immediate access to recipients regardless of where incoming mail is at in the workflow process. Urgent mail is available to professionals right when they need it, regardless of where they are at the time.

A Better Workflow

Unlike other solutions, MailQ doesn't clog up your email or DMS with unnecessary documents. Instead, recipients and their delegates efficiently review mail, discarding unneeded documents before routing appropriate communications to the DMS, email or other destination.

MailQ is the digital workflow for physical mail, enabling recipients to review and route it securely and easily.

Why MailQ?

MailQ customizes workflows for each firm and practice area with Queues automation

Fast and Accurate

Built on ScanQ, MailQ includes industry-leading OCR and image processing, including deskewing and auto-page rotation while delivering the smallest file size at the fastest speeds.


Recipients receive instant desktop notifications and/or email notifications when new mail arrives in their Queue. One click brings them directly to the document.

Workflow Automation

MailQ leverages Queues for efficient workflows, automating the process of profiling in your DMS, sending via email or routing to your expense management system.

Shared Queues

Going digital means you can implement new workflows. For example, Shared Queues enables team recipients for docketing, A/P, or a large case. It's easy to reassign documents between recipients and Shared Queues to deliver mail to the right place.

Cleanup Email and DMS

Junk and other unnecessary mail is deleted directly in MailQ, rather than clogging up your email or DMS while also providing tracking via audit trails and dashboard-driven reporting.

DMS Integration

MailQ integrates with leading document management systems like iManage, NetDocs, Worldox and ProLaw. Favorites and the Matter Worklist make it easy to profile documents while automatic OCR enables searching.

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