MailQ leverages the power of InfoRoute 5 to scan your firm’s daily mail and route it easily to team members working from anywhere, securely and without clogging up their inboxes. Mail is scanned and delivered instantly into each user’s queue. A user can log in from anywhere and review all scanned mail. A user can route each document to their desktop, email or DMS folder. Files are formatted and OCRed in the process.

Why MailQ?

Work from Anywhere

More and more, legal professionals are working from home, and that is a trend that will continue. These lawyers cannot go weeks or months without seeing what could be critical documents delivered via the postal service. MailQ allows legal professionals to be fully effective from anywhere.

Automated Delivery

InfoRoute 5 is built to route scanned documents. Documents scanned at the device — which can be anywhere — are automatically routed to each professional’s queue with only a few clicks. Documents are also OCRed to enable searchability and future use.

A Better Workflow than Email

Unlike other solutions, MailQ does not simply email users their paper mail. Instead, it leverages InfoRoute’s innovative and secure ‘queues’ to allow recipients to review the day’s mail and immediately discard unneeded documents, before routing needed communications to a destination of their choosing like email, a folder or a document management system.

How it Works

How MailQ works

Fast and Accurate

Powered by InfoRoute 5, which is built on the latest ABBYY engine, MailQ delivers the smallest file size at the fastest speeds (more than one page per second) and with 20,000 fewer errors per box.

Highest Levels of Automation

Unlike other tools, MailQ does not simply route scanned mail to users' email inboxes. Users instead can see their mail right in MailQ, which adds a layer of security, and can immediately discard what they don't need. What they do need can be instantly routed at the press of a button, even directly into their DMS.

No Clogging of Inboxes

Junk and other unnecessary mail can be deleted directly from MailQ, rather than ever clogging up the users' drives and the firm's servers. Users can trash or route scans in bulk.

Manage Your Mail From Anywhere


All users receive instant notifications when new mail arrives in their queue.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Settings for OCR, formatting and email notifications can be set globally by a system administrator or specific to workflows by users.

DMS Integration

Mail can be OCRed and routed to the proper destination within leading document management systems, allowing for secure storage and searchability.

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