Automated billing workflows integrated with your law firm’s financial management system:

  • Reduce billing cycle time by 15%-25%
  • Speed collections with professional A/R Notices
  • Client portal for superior client experience
  • Centrally track all billing activities
  • Answer questions quickly with client/matter financial dashboards 

Reduce Billing Cycle Time

BillingQ adds workflow to your current financial management system, reducing the number of days in your billing cycle by 15%-25%. BillingQ automates redundant manual tasks, freeing staff time for higher-value projects while more effectively involving billing attorneys in the process.

Automated Workflow

Determine workflows at the firm, billing attorney and client/matter level. Different client communications, which are driven by merge-field email templates, can be sent automatically, approved by accounting, or approved by the billing attorney and their delegates.

Drill-down Client/Matter Financials

As a bonus, BillingQ includes the client/matter dashboards from DataQ, providing attorneys and staff with a 360° view of all financial information on clients and matters, including A/R aging, WIP aging, payments, write-offs, write-ups/downs and trust with drill down to the narrative level. Security determines who can see what.

BillingQ automates time-consuming tasks in the billing process for law firms while improving client communication

Why BillingQ?

BillingQ makes the billing process more efficient and more effective with workflows that match your law firm's process

Integrates with Your FMS

Deep integration with your legal financial management system (FMS) delivers seamless billing workflows and access to client/matter financial information. The Zebraworks bridge connects with your FMS, and it typically only takes a few hours to implement and initially sync data.

Integrates with Office 365

All client communication is sent from a real person in the firm (either an accounting professional or the billing attorney) just like any other email, appearing in your Sent Items in Outlook, maximizing deliverability of billing-related communications.

Time-Saving A/R Notices

A/R Notices are sent based on workflow settings, with a professional email and one combined PDF attachment that includes a Statement of Account linking to the detailed bills which are outstanding. A/R Notice emails can be reviewed by accounting and/or the billing attorney and their delegates, and then edited before being approved or denied.

Email Bill Delivery

There is no longer a need to manually email new bills out to clients. BillingQ automates this arduous task, creating professional delivery with merge-field email templates and workflow settings at the billing attorney and client/matter level.

Autopay and Trust Replenishment

No more manual tracking needed: BillingQ manages trust replenishment based on trust balance requirements (optionally taking WIP into account) and automatically makes electronic payments set to autopay on new bills.

Electronic Payments

PayQ is the next-generation merchant account for credit card and ACH payments specifically designed for the requirements of law firms and is fully integrated into our automated workflows. Transparent pricing means getting paid faster with no surprises.

Easy-to-use Web-based App

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