Firm Prioritizes Client Service with BillingQ

Markowitz Herbold enhances billing operations to focus on clients

Christie Lok, the Director of Finance at Markowitz Herbold, expressed significant dissatisfaction with the time previously lost to delivering bills and following up on collections: “The process is best described as ‘inefficient.'” 

Lok turned to BillingQ, seeking a solution that would streamline the firm’s billing process so that it could focus more on clients.


Inefficient Invoice Delivery: After generating bills in the firm’s financial management system, Lok’s team faced a multi-step, time-consuming process: creating a new email in Outlook, attaching the bill, drafting a message to the client, updating financial information, and verifying that it was all correct. 

Time Wasted: The need for multi-step, manual procedures and repeated verification of information led to significant time loss for Lok and her team. This inefficiency also delayed the billing process, extending the time to send client invoices. 

Visibility to Data: Accessing dimensions of case information out of ProLaw was difficult and arduous, requiring constant drilling down of inquiries to get meaningful data.  

Markowitz Herbold implemented BillingQ to address these challenges, which transformed their billing operations in several key ways:

Solution Benefits 

BillingQ has made meaningful improvements to the time it takes us to get our invoices delivered to our clients and therefore get paid faster.”

Improved Bill Delivery

BillingQ automates bill delivery based on the billing attorney, client and matter. Email merge fields create professional communication that is right every time, always delivered to the “to” and “cc” contacts on file.

Deep Integration

BillingQ connects with the firm’s billing system throughout the day, delivering seamless billing workflows and access to client/matter financial information. “Tasks that previously took minutes can now be completed in seconds,” Lok. 

Dashboard Views

Easily see historical info for a matter or client, answering a client or billing attorneys question. Visually track the status and progression of a matter graphically.

Queues Workflow

For accounts that Lok and her team want to pay special attention to, the Email Queue allows for edits and customization to take place before emails are sent. “Because it’s a Queue-based system, nothing gets missed,” according to Lok.

We would compare information from BillingQ with what was in ProLaw, and we were blown away. BillingQ saves so many steps.”

Impact of BillingQ 

After implementing BillingQ, Lok and her team can better focus on an account’s overall health: “Rather than focusing on the process, we are focusing on the client,” says Lok.  

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