Billing Business Intelligence

DataQ provides law firms with deep insights into revenue and profitability by firm, practice group, team, individual attorney, client and matter. DataQ’s interactive, drill-down interface sits atop a data warehouse to allow users to have full access to financial information at their fingertips, with no need to wade through stacks of paginated reports. 

Data Warehouse

DataQ syncs with your law firm's financial management system creating a data warehouse that delivers key financial metrics that previously required laborious work in spreadsheets to build over time. With DataQ, it's easy to see month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons, quickly identifying trends in your firm's numbers.

Interactive Dashboards

DataQ opens up financial analysis to the attorneys and firm managers that need it the most. Unlike working with complicated reporting systems, DataQ dashboards are interactive, empowering users to dive into the data in real-time.

Integrates with your FMS

DataQ integrates seamlessly with your firm's financial management system. No complicated conversions is required and your information is automatically updated. By running analysis on the DataQ data warehouse, the load on the firm's financial management system is reduced.

Why DataQ?

Unprecedented financial analysis tailored to law firm requirements, right at your fingertips.

Customizable Dashboards

DataQ comes pre-built with 20 dashboards for out-of-the-box, immediately accessible analysis. Existing dashboards can be customized or copied as a starting point to meet your firm's specific requirements. Optimized for efficiency of analysis, the DataQ data warehouse makes the information from your FMS easier to access and present in dashboards.

Saved Folders

Create saved folders in an Outlook-style user experience in which attorneys and staff are already comfortable. For example, My Matters shows an attorney all of the matters where they are billing, originating, responsible or working attorney, and they can analyze key metrics from the perspective of each of those roles. Other Save Folders can be by practice group, team, or any other grouping that is valuable to the firm.

Client/Matter Analysis

Attorneys and staff can instantly access a 360° view of all financial information on clients and matters, including A/R aging, WIP aging, payments, write-offs, write-ups/downs and trust with drill down to the narrative level.

Utilization and Realization

Analyze worked utilization, billed realization and paid realization at any level in the firm. DataQ's month-by-month and year-over-year comparisons make trends visually apparent.


Security Roles determine who can see which saved folders and which dashboards. For example, associates may only be able to see analysis of their own work.

No Report Building or Running

With DataQ, any member of a firm can get critical information with a few simple clicks, with no need to ask someone else to run and deliver a report.

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