About nQzwTM

nQ Zebraworks has been helping law firms automate for 21 years. 

  • Our solutions are used in 52 countries by 40% of the AmLaw 200, 12 of the top 20 firms globally, and hundreds of mid-size firms
  • Our management team are experienced legal tech veterans with decades of experience
  • We have a long history of innovation in legal, from being pioneers in embedded technology to delivering the industry’s first comprehensive Invoices-to-Cash solution
  • We are dedicated to our firms, who love our exemplary support

Bringing It All Together

nQ Zebraworks is the combination of nQ and its long history of delivering innovative products to the legal market, with the Zebraworks cloud-based integration platform developed by CEO Bill Bice, founder of ProLaw Software and West km. The “zebra” of nQ Zebraworks stems from the early ProLaw days, where the zebra became a part of the ProLaw culture and gained a strong presence and following at conferences and trade shows.

Zebraworks was started in 2019 by Bill Bice, Ken Bassham, Stef Odom, Ben Morin, and Sharon Fincher, all ProLaw alum, leveraging their experience in building SaaS platforms to return to legal technology. Today, nQ Zebraworks is accelerating the legal industry’s move to the cloud by leveraging our deep concentration and history of legal technology expertise, using the Zebraworks cloud platform to bring together core legal workflows in one place. At the forefront of that effort is, once again, the zebra. Law firms and legal organizations need practice area-specific solutions that integrate together into the main platform. Like the integration of the front and back office of the ProLaw days, the zebra represents bringing it all together.

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