The nQzw Story

nQ Zebraworks represents the combination of nQ, and its long history of delivering innovative products to the legal market, with the Zebraworks cloud-based integration platform. The nQzw team brings a deep concentration of legal technology expertise together in one place.

We Brought The Band Back Together

CEO Bill Bice and Co-Founder Rick Hellers have been pioneers in legal tech for decades. When Bill founded ProLaw software many years ago, it wasn’t long before he started collaborating with Rick at his first company, TechLaw. That collaboration worked so well, that once Rick sold TechLaw, he helped build the sales team at ProLaw, before leaving to start nQ, pioneering embedded technology in the legal industry.

The original ProLaw team came back together at Zebraworks with the goal of building a new cloud platform for law firms and legal organizations. nQ was already on that path, and together the combined nQ Zebraworks is accelerating the legal industry’s move to the cloud.

It Is An Incredible Time To Be In Legal Tech

The landscape for legal professionals has changed, and technology has demonstrated the crucial role it plays in the legal industry. Work From Anywhere is the new reality, with firms adopting hybrid models of operation that require remote environments to function the same way they did in office. nQzw Queues is the workflow engine that drives the business and practice of law. 

We’d love to get to know you better. Meet the nQ Zebraworks team.

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