Meet Bandito and Safari Zeke

Zeke’s origins began during Bill’s founding days at ProLaw, where he gained a strong presence and following at conferences and trade shows. Today, Zeke embodies our mission of Bringing It All Together through our innovative Queues technology. He has cemented his presence in the legal tech community through his adventures around the world.   

Introducing Bandito and Safari Zeke

This year we are taking Zeke to the next level with the creation of Bandito and Safari Zeke, emblematic of our two solution families: Billing and Document Workflows. 

Found Money 

Meet Bandito Zeke – he helps law firms find money through automated billing workflows. The strong presence of the nQzw leadership team in New Mexico and Arizona influences his Southwestern vibe. 

In less than two months after implementation, we’ve collected $150,000 in ‘found money’ because of BillingQ, going all the way back to 2019."

Route Your Way 

Inspired by Zeke’s worldly travels and our presence in 5 of the top 10 firms worldwide, Safari Zeke has worked with law firms of all sizes to efficiently route scanned documents through our suite of Document Workflows. His camera is a nod to the 250+ submissions we received in 2023 from Zeke Around the World participants. 

Prior to Queues, the process for getting scanned documents into the firm's DMS was a cumbersome workflow for attorneys and their staff."

Getting Acquainted 

We have several opportunities to get to know our new Zeke’s, starting with the launch of the stuffie versions of Bandito and Safari Zeke in upcoming tradeshows: 

  • Aderant Momentum | May 6 – 9 | Nashville, TN
  • Elite Vantage | May 13 – 15 | Las Vegas, NV
  • ALA National Conference & Expo | May 19 – 22 | Denver, CO 
  • ILTACON | August 11 – 15 | Nashville, TN 
  • TLOMA | September 25 – 28 | Niagra Falls 
  • Clio Conference | October 7-8 | Austin, TX 

In support of our Zeke Around the World contest we’re also shipping out Bandito and Safari Zekes on request! Contact us at for yours! 


Erin Barrio

Marketing Director | nQ Zebraworks
Erin leads our marketing department and amplifies our mission to support law firms' navigating Work From Anywhere through our innovative Queues technology. Erin has several years of experience in marketing for legal professionals and legal technologists. Her background stems from Communications and prior to nQzw, Erin worked as the Director of Marketing Operations for a B2B marketing agency serving multiple clients in the legal and professional services industries.

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