Our solutions integrate directly with Elite 3E, bringing automated Queues workflow to your firm’s billing process:

  • Reduce the number of days in your billing cycle 
  • Professional, workflow-driven client communication
  • Uncover “found money” with time-saving A/R notices
  • Scan expense invoices via Chrome River
  • Integrated cost recovery and analytics

Streamlined Billing with Elite 3E Integration

Our billing and document workflow solutions leverage your investment in Elite 3E with seamless integration to turbocharge your billing and financial analysis:


BillingQ brings automated Queues workflow to your billing process, reducing the number of days in your billing cycle by 15%-25%. Leverage professional, workflow-driven client communication for bills, A/R notices, and trust replenishment. Define workflows at the firm, billing attorney, client, and matter level.

Online Payments

PayQ is the next-generation merchant account specifically designed for law firms to accept credit card and ACH payments online. PayQ provides a simple and elegant payment experience for your clients that treats credit cards and ACH equally with lower cost, with easy-to-understand transparent pricing.

Document Workflows

ScanQ integration with Chrome River routes receipt images as part of a PMS invoice in Elite, whether scanning from a multi-function device (MFD), home scanner or mobile device. CostQ makes cost recovery and analytics simple, tracking tasks handled on clients’ behalf, like printing and scanning, automatically tied into Elite.

Fully leverage the power of Elite 3E with automated Queues workflows

Free-Up Talent

By automating redundant manual tasks, staff time is freed up for higher-value projects while more effectively involving billing attorneys in the process.

Customizable Worklfows

Determine workflows at the firm, billing attorney and client/matter level. Customizable email templates can be sent automatically or through an approval/delegate process.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with Elite 3E. No complicated conversions is required and your information is automatically updated.

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