Bill Bice, nQzw® CEO, was previously the founder of ProLaw Software. Bill has brought back together the original ProLaw team to create solutions  leveraging your investment in ProLaw to improve your law firm’s billing workflows, analysis of financial information and scanning workflows.

Deep Integration with ProLaw

BillingQ, DataQ and ScanQ integrate with ProLaw to bring automated Queues workflow to improve your law firm's efficiency. We leverage our deep knowledge of ProLaw to deliver seamless integration for our Practice Management and Digitalization solutions.

Billing Workflows

BillingQ brings automated Queues workflow to your billing process, reducing the number of days in your billing cycle and leverages workflow-driven client communication. Reduce the number of days in your billing cycle by 15%-25% by automating redundant tasks.

Interactive Dashboards

Working hand-in-hand with BillingQ, DataQ syncs with ProLaw to create a data warehouse that provides attorneys and staff with a 360° view of all financial information through an interactive, drill-down user interface within ProLaw. Security determines who can see what.

Scanning Workflows

Securely scan from any device with ScanQ, our scanning workflow solution. Leverages our iOS mobile app alongside ScanQ to turn your smartphone into an MFD in your pocket. Give your attorneys and professionals the user experience they're already using with our Outlook integration.

Fully leverage the power of ProLaw with automated Queues workflows

Free-Up Talent

By automating redundant manual tasks, staff time is freed up for higher-value projects while more effectively involving billing attorneys in the process.

Customizable Worklfows

Determine workflows at the firm, billing attorney and client/matter level. Customizable email templates can be sent automatically or through an approval/delegate process.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with ProLaw. No complicated conversions is required and your information is automatically updated.

To learn more about Queues and unlocking the power of ProLaw contact us directly to get in touch with one of our experts. 

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