Queues Power Workflows

Queues turbocharges document workflows through Scanning, Digital Mailroom, Printing and Cost Tracking

Queues Billing and BI workflows integrate with your financial management system

Bringing it All Together

Queues integrates with the core legal technologies in law firms, including the major document management systems, 22 financial management systems, numerous matter management systems and MFD manufacturers. See some of our highlighted integrations:

Matter Management
Konica Minolta

Workflows Power Legal

nQ Zebraworks is a powerhouse in the legal industry. Our software runs on five continents spanning 52 countries, and our clients include five of the top 10 firms in the world. Our commitment to turbocharging information workflows is unparalleled in the industry. nQzw has partnerships with the leading document management systems, financial management systems, expense management systems, facilities managers, consultants, and device manufacturers. We are dedicated to our firms, who love our exemplary support.

We Earned Another Stripe

  • A large business and litigation law firm has implemented our embedded scanning, printing and cost tracking solutions for 200 users across their suite of MFD’s!
  • A mid-sized Trust & Estate Planning law firm have chosen BillingQ and DataQ to automate key portions of their billing process and deliver customizable dashboards for attorneys!
  • One of Canada’s largest law firms has chosen Queues to power their firm’s scan, print, and embedded cost tracking workflows!
  • A Top 20 Global law firm has chosen Queues to power their scan, print, digital mailroom, and embedded cost recovery workflows!
  • An Am Law 200 Law Firm has chosen Queues to power their scan, print, digital mailroom and embedded cost recovery workflows!
  • Markowitz Herbold PC running ProLaw has chosen to implement BillingQ to improve their billing workflows!
  • A Chicago-based personal injury law firm with over $4B in verdicts and settlements has chosen Queues to power their scan, print, digital mailroom, and embedded cost recovery workflows!
  • A 10-office, 600 lawyer law firm looking to improve hybrid operations has chosen Queues and our mobile app to power their Work From Anywhere!
  • A mid-sized law firm headquartered in Florida recently increased their investment in nQzw by adding 30 additional users to our platform!
  • A large mid-sized Mid Atlantic firm has upgraded their existing software and added our innovative Queues technology to their deployment.
  • A Florida-based law firm has added another CostQ license to their system, driving a more sustainable workplace.
  • One of our existing UK clients recently upgraded their existing system and added MailQ to their deployment!
  • A mid-size law firm in Florida becomes one of our newest clients to join the nQzw family by purchasing CostQ and ScanQ.
  • New mid-sized firm with a strong reputation in real estate practices has purchased CostQ, PrintQ and ScanQ.
  • Large client in the Midwest with 15+ offices upgrades their existing system and adds nQzw's Queues software to Power their Workflows.
  • A large family law firm in Illinois has upgraded their digitalization solutions and increased the size of their deployment!
  • An Am Law 100 firm has signed on for our innovative Queues technology to power their core workflows!
  • One of our Am Law 100 clients has upgraded their investment in ScanQ!
  • A large firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA has implemented CollectionQ to their Practice Management toolkit!
  • A mid-sized firm has signed up with nQ Zebraworks PrintQ to power their hybrid office!
  • A mid-sized firm in Chicago, IL has joined the nQ Zebraworks family!
  • A large law firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY has joined the nQ Zebraworks family!
  • A large law firm headquartered in Portland, OR has renewed their investment in our digitalization solutions and brought their entire firm up to the latest technology in that suite!
  • A large law firm headquartered in San Francisco, California has joined the nQ Zebraworks family!
  • An Am Law 100 firm recently renewed their investment in nQ Zebraworks Queues technology!
of the top 250 law firms in the U.S.
of the top 20 law firms in the U.K.
of the National Law Journal 350
of the top 10 law firms worldwide

Why the world’s leading law firms work with nQ Zebraworks

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