nQzw Digitalization solutions garners badge as a universal app for iManage

Our digitalization solution ScanQ is now recognized as a Universal App for iManage. ScanQ, our latest scanning technology, integrates directly with iManage Server 10 and iManage Cloud to deliver fast, accurate, user-friendly scanning across any device.  

We’ve been integrating with iManage for over 15 years, and were one of the first to enhance the platform with scanning and printing workflows. ScanQ extends the discipline of iManage to your digitalization workflows in the new era of hybrid operations. ScanQ also powers MailQ, our fully iManage-integrated digital mailroom solutions that respects your DMS security. Recepients instantly receieve scanned items in Outlook without cloggin up your email with attachments while workflows enable delegates to efficiently profile matter-related documents to iManage. 

Visit our iManage page to learn more about our deep-integration and long-standing relationship, or, see the integration in action in our recorded webinar Leveraging the Power of iManage for Hybrid Operations and Digital Transformation.   

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