What to look for in a print management solution

Phil Hewson, Director of Product Design, discusses the evolving challenges and solutions in managing print infrastructure in law firms in What to Look for in a Print Management Solution, featured in ILTA’s Winter Peer to Peer 2023 edition.


  • Despite the shift to digital and hybrid working models, printing remains integral but problematic, particularly due to the complexity of managing servers, queues, and drivers and ensuring secure, efficient user access.
  • The traditional print infrastructure faces issues like server maintenance costs, queue management complexities, and security vulnerabilities from outdated drivers.
  • Waste and security are concerns, with uncollected print jobs posing risks and adding costs.

The Solution 

Serverless printing simplifies and enhances print management: 

  • Eliminates Windows Print Servers
  • Centralizes queue management
  • Improves workflow and security
  •  Secure print release, ensuring document confidentiality,
  • Accommodates mobile and guest printing 

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Phil Hewson | Director of Product Design

nQ Zebraworks

Phil leads our product design team which focuses on product specification, user experience, prototyping and solutions architecture. He joined nQ Zebraworks in 2006 as an implementation specialist and managed projects for our legal clients in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He brings that same focus and dedication to ensuring our products meet the needs of our clients today and into the future.

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