Practice Management

nQzw™ Practice Management solutions leverage your investment in your practice management system to improve your firms’s cash flow and deliver the client/matter financial information legal professionals need to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.


Cash flow is the engine that runs any law firm, but it takes substantial time and effort to manage. Collection calls are often made by partners with little information and only sporadically until the end of the year. CollectionQ automates the collection process and integrates it with the firm’s practice management tools, leading to faster payments and better cash flow.

InquiryQ provides direct access to the matter and client financial information that attorneys and law firm executives need to make decisions without having to dig through multiple systems. By deploying alongside CollectionQ, attorneys can participate in a firm’s collection process with one-click emails for past-due statements and full statements of account and optional access to the collection team’s notes and tasks.

nQ Zebraworks Practice Management solutions can help automate your firms’ cash flow and streamline financial data. Contact us to learn more. 

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