Optimizing Financial Management: The Impact of BillingQ

Automating Key Tasks to Cut Cycle Times and Enhance Accounts Receivable

In our Billing Experts Roundtable, panelists Gina Martina, Dawn Donham, Natalie Burns, and Sandra Haislet shed light on the transformative impact of BillingQ on their law firms’ billing cycles and processes. 

Streamlining Billing Processes 

  • At Practus, a fully remote law firm, Sandra Haislet observed the cumbersome bill generation and distribution process. Initially, with 20 attorneys, the process involved manually customizing cover letters for each bill. 
  • As the firm grew to 55 attorneys, BillingQ streamlined this process, reducing the need for additional billing staff and simplifying bill distribution. 
  • Worden Thane, a medium-sized firm, faced challenges managing special billing requests and physical mail-outs. BillingQ’s implementation reduced their billing cycle by four days, enhancing efficiency and tracking. 
  • Nelson Hardiman sought a solution for centralized access to billing information for all staff. BillingQ facilitated this and improved the dashboard functionality, making it a preferred financial platform across the firm. 

BillingQ has been a great solution, not just for our billing department, but for the firm. We encourage everyone in the firm to use BillingQ as the primary financial platform.

Enhancing Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management 

  • Natalie Burns from McNamee Hosea highlighted the shift from manual A/R processes to automated systems with BillingQ, leading to improved collections and transparency. 
  • Gina Martin noted the automation of follow-up processes in A/R collections at Nelson Hardiman, emphasizing time efficiency. 
  • Sandra Haislet appreciated BillingQ for providing detailed invoice information and aiding in client communication. 

Integrated Cloud Solutions 

BillingQ and DataQ, operating on Azure, exemplify the power of SaaS applications. BillingQ and DataQ seamlessly integrate with existing financial systems, updating data every 15 minutes and offering effective real-time insights. 

With BillingQ, I don't have to run queries through ProLaw, which has been hugely helpful to the firm.

Building Efficient Workflows and Dashboards 

  • The platform’s email queue for approvals and customizable dashboards significantly enhances workflow efficiency. 
  • Panelists commended BillingQ’s user-friendliness, with Gina Martin highlighting its effectiveness in engaging attorneys in financial matters. 

Exceptional Support and Customization 

  • The responsive implementation and support team, led by Stefanie Odom-Wertz, was praised for its ability to tailor the software to specific needs, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing maintenance.

I love that BillingQ pulls all outstanding invoices out of ProLaw. It's the biggest time-saver.

Revolutionizing Electronic Payments 

  • BillingQ’s integrated electronic payment solution was a significant highlight. Sandra Haislet shared how it replaced clunky systems like PayPal, offering secure and versatile payment options. 
  • Gina Martin emphasized the shift from manual processing to an 80% electronic payment intake, marking a substantial improvement in efficiency and client convenience. 

Learn more about BillingQ in BillingQ Experts Roundtable


Bill Bice

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Recognized as a legal tech industry visionary, receiving Thomson’s innovator of the year award. Founder of ProLaw Software (acquired by Thomson Reuters), West km (used by 70% of the top 1000 law firms worldwide) and Exemplify (acquired by Bloomberg Law).

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