nQ Zebraworks presents Work From Anywhere during KCALA Chapter Meeting

As more and more law firms embrace remote work, it’s becoming increasingly important to have legal-specific solutions that drive efficiency and collaboration no matter where you are. In this presentation, we’ll explore how to work the same from anywhere with the right integration, adoption, and better solutions that satisfy everyone in the firm.
nQ Zebraworks was proud to sponsor the KCALA May Chapter Meeting with CRO Ken Bassham and Director of Sales, North America, Dave Shafiee presenting on Work From Anywhere:
  1. How integration is key when choosing products for your law firm. 
  2. Why adoption is crucial and driven by leadership. 
  3. How to avoid costly and intensive build-outs. 
  4. Leveraging your existing infrastructure to drive better efficiencies.
  5. How consolidating vendors can help streamline operations and reduce costs. 
  6. How to choose office systems that support Work From Anywhere. 

Presenting at KCALA Chapter Meeting

CRO, Ken Bassham and Director of Sales, North America, David Shafiee

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