nQ Zebraworks Launches Two New Products to Improve Law Firms’ Cash Flow

CollectionQ automates the collection workflow and InquiryQ delivers
key financial information at the touch of a button.

Tempe, AZ – November 17, 2020 – nQ Zebraworks, the leading developer of innovative technology for helping the legal industry through its ongoing digital transformation, today announced that it has launched two new products designed to improve law firms’ cash flow: CollectionQ and InquiryQ

CollectionQ automates the collection workflow and integrates it with a firm’s practice management tools in order to help manage accounts receivable, leading to faster payments and better cash flow. CollectionQ also allows attorneys and staff to access a single dashboard for all collections-related information, providing a full 360-degree view of the process. “Cash flow is the engine that runs any law firm, but it takes substantial time and resources to manage,” says nQ Zebraworks CEO Bill Bice. “CollectionQ helps firms get paid faster with less effort.”

InquiryQ puts the detailed matter and client financial information that attorneys and law firm executives need right at their fingertips without their having to dig through multiple systems or build and run complicated reports. Detailed WIP, A/R, billing, paid invoice, write-offs and write-up/down information is now immediately available (based on secure access) with interactive data that drills down to the narrative level. “We built InquiryQ to deliver billing, originating and working attorneys the financial analytics they need to understand what is happening with their matters,” adds Bice. 

Deploying both tools together allows attorneys to participate in a firm’s collection process with one-click emails for past-due statements and full statements of account alongside access to a single dashboard to break down accounts receivable information by age, type, timekeeper, task/activity code and more. The products share a single interface, so there is no need to leave the system to send emails, share statements or invoices or run detailed A/R reports.

CollectionQ and InquiryQ are the first new products released since Zebraworks’ merger with nQueue in August and are part of the company’s mission to deliver a variety of cloud-based offerings for both the business and practice of law. “Our mission is to build innovative tools to allow lawyers and law firms to be more efficient, productive and profitable,” says Bice. “CollectionQ and InquiryQ are big steps in that direction.”

About nQ Zebraworks

nQ Zebraworks delivers tools to help law firms and legal professionals in law firms, government agencies and corporate law departments through the industry’s digital transformation. It provides solutions to more than 35% of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia and five of the top 10 globally. It provides scanning and routing, print management and cost recovery technology and cloud-based integration tools for the business and practice of law.

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