Cash flow is the engine that runs any law firm, but it takes substantial time and effort to manage. Collection calls are often made by partners with little information and only sporadically until the end of the year. CollectionQ automates the collection process and integrates it with the firm’s practice management tools, leading to faster payments and better cash flow. 

Improve Cash Flow

CollectionQ is designed exclusively to help law firms manage their accounts receivable, so they can collect more and collect faster.

Automated Workflow

CollectionQ helps firms to take the manual steps out of their A/R process with automated workflows that can be customized by client, practice area and attorney.

A/R Like Never Been Seen Before

Attorneys and staff can access a single dashboard for all collectionsrelated informationincluding A/R aging, WIP, WIP agingso they have a full 360 view throughout the entire process.

CollectionQ automates your A/R workflow and provides full transparency into the entire financial relationship with a client

Why CollectionQ?

CollectionQ makes the A/R process simpler and more effective while speeding up your firm's cash flow

Integrated with ProLaw

CollectionQ integrates with ProLaw to minimize transfer of financial information between systems and to provide a familiar user experience.

More Complete Information

All key A/R and client information is available instantly. Users can easily see all critical informationincluding A/R aging, WIP, WIP agingand can plan calls and other efforts with full context about what is owned, what will be owed and the overall value of the relationship.

One Button Reports and Email

Collection efforts often bog down when clients ask for copies of invoices and statements. With CollectionQ, all backup information is readily available and can be emailed to a client directly from the system with a few clicks.

Automated Collections

CollectionQ automates your collection process with emails sent straight from the system, and with reminders automatically sent to attorneys and billing professionals for follow-up. Payments can even be transferred automatically when due or on the same day each month by credit card or ACH.

Supports Electronic Payments

CollectionQ provides a much better user experience than typical merchant accounts. Rather than sending an invoice then manually requesting electronic payment information, CollectionQ's built-in workflow stores the electronic payment information securely and can be set to automatically transfer payments with no additional interaction. Electronic payments are part of an automated workflow that guarantees less hassle and faster payments.

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