InquiryQ provides direct access to the matter and client information that attorneys and law firm executives need to make decisions without having to dig through multiple systems. By deploying alongside nQ Zebraworks’ CollectionQ, attorneys can participate in a firm’s collection process with one-click emails for past-due statements and full statements of account and optional access to the collection team’s notes and tasks. 

Consolidated Data

Whether as a billing, originating or working attorney, they need the financial analytics to understand what is happening with their matters. Detailed WIP, A/R, billing, paid invoice, write-offs and write-up/down information is now immediately available (based on secure access) with interactive data that drills down to the narrative level.

Automated Reporting

InquiryQ delivers detailed information with just a click on the dashboard. There is never a need to build or pay someone to build reports. Any professional can access key information with the touch of a button.

Simple Integration

InquiryQ integrates seamlessly with a firm's practice management system so no transfer of financial information is required.

Why InquiryQ?

InquiryQ delivers detailed information about a firm's matter and client financial information at the touch of a button.

Integrated with PMS

InquiryQ integrates with your practice management system to minimize transfer of financial information between systems and to provide a familiar user experience.

More Complete Information

All key A/R and client information is available instantly and in a single location. Users can easily see all critical informationincluding A/R aging, WIP, WIP agingand filter by type, task/activity code, timekeeper, or any combination of factors.

Supports Client-Level Billing and Split Billing

When multiple clients or insurance companies agree to split an invoice, it can be difficult to track which have paid and which have not. InquiryQ simplifies this and provides the information instantly.

Better Understanding of Realization

Typical A/R tools can make it hard to compare when work was done vs. when it billed vs. when payment was received. InquiryQ provides the full picture needed to easily track realization.

Track AFA Profitability

InquiryQ's write-up and write-down feature makes it simple to track hours and test profitability against alternative fee arrangements.

No Report Building or Running

With InquiryQ, any member of a firm can get critical information with a few simple clicks, with no need to ask someone else to run and deliver a report.

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