I Don’t Like Bananas

Several years ago, I was in a club lounge at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight back to the US. It was an early morning flight, and the gate was quiet until this little 3-year-old girl ran across the length of the lounge screaming “I don’t like bananas! Why do you keep giving me bananas?!”  

She then proceeded to throw herself down right in the middle of the floor and continued letting it all out. 

The memory of this little girl losing it over bananas always comes to mind when I hear a law firm talk about a custom projectLaw firms spend valuable time and resources investing in one-off customization projects, not appreciating the burden they place on IT departments; one-off customizations require custom coding and are difficult to maintain. But custom solutions are often launched due to a lack of flexibility with existing tools in the market. In short, law firms are getting bananas when what they really want is bananas foster.  

To help eliminate writing one-off applications, nQ Zebraworks has developed our Matter Management integration for ScanQ. The integration is a configurable tool that allows our software to integrate with any practice management workflow system that supports a definable file-based integration. Our innovative Queues technology enables workflows that make it easy to digitize documents and get them into your firm’s core systems.

Integration is the missing piece for firms to achieve full ROI on their technology investments.

ScanQ includes built-in integrations with iManage and NetDocuments, and this new integration capability expands the support to many more systems where attorneys and staff need documents as part of their workflows. “Integration is the missing piece for firms to achieve full ROI on their technology investments,” says CEO Bill Bice in a press release on the integration.  

The Matter Management Integration for ScanQ passes meta-data to that system in any definable format and makes an OCR PDF scan of that document, making it easy for other platforms to ingest the scanning workflow.  

Learn more about Matter Management for ScanQ. 


John Gilbert

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