Simkins: How we modernized our cost recovery with nQ Zebraworks

When Simkins had the opportunity to modernize its cost recovery system the choice boiled down to Equitrac, PaperCut, or nQ Zebraworks. The IT manager for Simkins LLP faced an opportunity to modernize their cost recovery. Their multi-function printers (MFPs) were nearing the end of their life and it was envisaged that they would need to re-purchase a cost recovery mechanism with any new devices. The firm had implemented Equitrac a few years ago, but the system used external touchpoints for users to authenticate and enter matter details, which caused a certain amount of frustration among their attorneys. Seeing a demo of our Embedded solutions, meeting with their team, and highlighting our very competitive price made the decision remarkably easy.

We are thrilled to have found a solution to help us manage and recover those costs efficiently, not only so we can get our bills out quicker, but so that we really can understand the cost of doing business as we scan more but copy and print less.

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