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nQ Zebraworks is a powerhouse in the legal industry.  Our team of experts has over 100 years combined experience working with the latest digital tools and understanding the hurdles and obstacles that face legal tech today. Stay apprised of upcoming webinars, podcasts, tradeshows, and events nQzw is participating in.

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2023 British Legal Technology Forum

We had a fantastic time at the 2023 British Legal Technology Forum at Old Billingsgate, London. Represented by Anthony Barrett, Account Executive, Phil Hewson, Director …

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Making the Jump to the Cloud

There are a number of considerations when moving law firm applications to the cloud. In Making the Juump to the Cloud, CEO Bill Bice and …

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Turn that light off!

Bill and I were in London last week connecting with clients and getting face time in with our London team, and I was struck by …

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Digitization – old concept, modern look

I’ve been in legal tech a long time, longer than I’d care to admit, ok. But I’ve been here long enough for things to make …

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AI is Really About Data Management, with Mark Montgomery, Founder & CEO of KYield Montgomery has been working in R&D on AI for 25 years. Mark is the CEO of KYield, a pioneer in AI, focused on precision …

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nQ Zebraworks partners with HP for Embedded Scanning, Printing and Cost Tracking

Today we announce the launch of our embedded scanning, printing, and cost-tracking solution for HP multi-function devices (MFD). nQ Zebraworks is the pioneer in embedded technology …

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