Key takeaways from iManage Technology Kick Off 2023

If today’s iManage virtual global Technology Kick Off could be summed up in one sentence, it’d have to be “being Universal API certified is table stakes.” With 57% of iManage users already in iManage Cloud, meeting users where they are and integrating with more systems is no longer a “nice to have” it’s a necessity to be a player in powering the hybrid workforce.  

But the conference held other valuable takeaways as well, namely:  

  • Better Together With Microsoft – iManage is putting heightened focus on working with Microsoft 365. Leveraging Microsoft Azure services to provide a modern work experience.  
  • Rethinking IT – hybrid work has placed new attention on IT departments as expectations for what and how hybrid work is powered continue to grow for law firms. That means more pressure on IT staff to deliver.  

Like iManage, we share in the mission to meet users where they are, and that certainly is Microsoft 365. Our Queues for Outlook integration gives attorneys a secure way to instantly access and review their scanned documents without ever having to leave Outlook. It extends the discipline of iManage by allowing users to continue to view scanned material from within Outlook, regardless of where it is in the DMS. The integration supports IT efforts to maintain security and governance as scanned materials come in via link, so we aren’t clogging up your inbox with large attachments.  

We’ve been integrating with iManage for over 15 years – and our scanning solution, ScanQ, is a Universal Certified App for iManage. We’re excited to be walking into the future with iManage, supporting our clients in their journey to the cloud, wherever they might be in that process.  

Learn more about our Universal Certification for iManage on our website and subscribe to our calendar of events for upcoming webinars and events with iManage.  


Erin Barrio

Marketing Director | nQ Zebraworks
Erin leads our marketing department and amplifies our mission to support law firms' navigating Work From Anywhere through our innovative Queues technology. Erin has several years of experience in marketing for legal professionals and legal technologists. Her background stems from Communications and prior to nQzw, Erin worked as the Director of Marketing Operations for a B2B marketing agency serving multiple clients in the legal and professional services industries.

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