Your Printer is Hemorrhaging Money

Printing is a part of everyday life at law firms, which makes the printer a vital tool in order for you to do business. But your printer could literally be wasting thousands of dollars. Even worse, there is the probability that your firm could eventually find itself facing serious exposure due to sensitive print jobs that have been obtained by unauthorized individuals – either accidentally or maliciously.

The problem is  that many networks are configured with multiple computers sending print jobs to only a few printers – sometimes just a single printer. These printers are often located on the other side of the building and left largely or completely unattended. Attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members may send print jobs with every intention of retrieving them immediately – but may become distracted by a phone call, an urgent email, or a visitor to their office or workstation. Sometimes they never pick them up at all.

Meanwhile, these print jobs sit neglected and accessible to anyone who comes into or out of the printer station – including clients, support staff, custodians or intruders. It doesn’t require much effort to imagine the extent of potential hazard involved. But there is a solution: print management software.

In addition to the security benefits, print management software translates into big savings – as well as a significantly smaller carbon footprint. For example, one firm in a single year produced 1.8 million fewer printed pages, saving $432,589 in total printing costs. That reduction in printed pages is the equivalent of 219 trees saved and 14 tons of CO2 that was not emitted into the atmosphere. With the opportunity to save so much on printing, it does not make sense to let your printer hemorrhage money and client confidential information at the same time.

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