System Requirements
Billing Workflows

BillingQ and DataQ

nQzw Billing Workflows are cloud-native applications built on the Zebraworks platform deployed in Azure. The applications are accessed through any modern browser (Chrome, Edge and Safari). We recommend using Single Sign On (SSO) to eliminate the need for maintaining additional authentication information.

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Edge and Safari

Supported Devices

Zebraworks is a responsive web application designed for computers and tablets. It has more limited functionality on smartphones.  

Identity Provider
Sign-on is via your existing access control system

Uses Auth0 to authenticate with your identity provider of choice, including Active Directory, Azure AD, ADFS, LDAP, SAML and others


Multi-tenant architecture with solo database for each firm


  • All information in transit is encrypted by SSL

  • Data at rest is encrypted with runtime generated cycled keys

Financial Management System (FMS) Integration

  • The Zebraworks bridge is used to synchronize with SQL-based systems 

  • API integrations are cloud-to-cloud

Zebraworks Bridge for
SQL-based Financial Management System Integration

In the case of integrating with a SQL-based financial management system (FMS), the Zebraworks Bridge runs where it can connect to the database server.


All incoming traffic is validated using Auth0 and only valid https connections are accepted. The firm’s firewall will need to be configured to only accept incoming connections from the Zebraworks Platform egress IP.

  • SSL TLS 1.2 or greater with a trusted certificate on a public domain is required
  • All information in transit is encrypted over TLS
  • Zebraworks Bridge Admin UI is only accessible to the localhost

Zebraworks Bridge Server

The Zebraworks Bridge manages communication between the Zebraworks platform running in Azure with the practice management system running inside the firm’s firewall or virtual private cloud. The sync interval is configurable with a default of every 15 minutes. The sync time may be set longer in large firms with a high volume of transactions.

  • 2xCPU Cores (2.6GHz+), 4GB RAM
  • C: drive for Windows
  • D: (100GB+) for application
  • 1GB connectivity
  • .NET V6 runtime
  • Trusted access to Zebraworks IP address
  • Network communication access to the FMS SQL database server

Zebraworks Bridge Architecture

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