nQ Zebraworks Announces Deep ProLaw Integration

New capabilities improve security, searchability and scanning, positioning nQzw as the best option for full integration with ProLaw


Tempe, AZ – May 27, 2021 – nQ Zebraworks today announces the release of new versions of ScanQ, PrintQ, and CostQ with new features that deepen its integration with Thomson Reuters’ practice management tool, ProLaw. The upgrades are designed to take advantage of ProLaw’s security protocols, improve searchability and simplify scanning and routing to ProLaw. nQzw remains the only option for a deep, full integration with ProLaw.



Both nQzw’s cost recovery product, CostQ, and its scanning-and-routing solution, ScanQ, now fully support ProLaw’s Item Level Security (ILS). This ensures that only approved parties have access to certain documents and is flexible enough to allow or deny access to individual matters by individual parties. ScanQ is the only scanning workflow tool that scans directly to ProLaw’s document management system in order to take full advantage of all of ProLaw’s security features. 


In order to make it easier for legal professionals to find documents from anywhere, ScanQ now supports custom field searches ProLaw. For example, attorneys and staff can find matters by court-assigned case number in a custom field.

Simplified Scanning

ScanQ now simplifies scanning and routing by enabling users to scan directly to ProLaw’s Journals for accounting and to its Contacts for customer relationship management. Scanning to Journals, for example, makes it easy to attach invoices to accounting transactions, while Scanning to Contacts automates attaching documents directly to related parties’ records, for example, images of their driver’s license.

nQ Zebraworks CEO Bill Bice was the founder of ProLaw before selling it to Thomson Reuters. “Our long history means that we understand better than anyone how to help our users take full advantage of everything ProLaw has to offer,” he says. “Security is a great example. ProLaw’s ILS is a powerful mechanism for protecting law firms, which is why enabling our clients to take full advantage of it is so important.” 


Bice and nQzw Chief Revenue Officer Ken Bassham, who was previously Director of Sales at ProLaw, will both be in attendance at SYNERGY2021 to demonstrate nQzw’s deep integrations with ProLaw, as well as the company’s innovative Queues, which are the workflow engine that drives the business and practice of law. 

To learn more about ScanQ, PrintQ and CostQ, please visit www.nqzw.com. To register or for more information about SYNERGY, which takes place virtually from June 1-3, 2021, please visit https://legal.thomsonreuters.com/en/events/synergy2021.  

About nQ Zebraworks

nQ Zebraworks Queues is the workflow engine that drives the business and practice of law. nQzw provides workflow solutions to more than 35% of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia, and five of the top 10 globally. It provides scanning & printing, practice management, and cost recovery & analytics solutions that drive Work From Anywhere and other critical workflows.

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