nQ Zebraworks Allies with Forrest Solutions

nQzw allies with Forrest Solutions

nQ Zebraworks is pleased to announce our alliance with Forrest Solutions, the leading provider of onsite outsourcing and staffing. Forrest is known for white-glove service delivery across a range of onsite offerings including mail and messenger, reprographics, scanning, records management, information technology & administrative. Anthony Davies, Chief Revenue Officer at Forrest says, “Our alliance with nQ Zebraworks makes sense as we support client requests to empower remote workers in the most effective and secure way.”

nQ Zebraworks’ technology will combine with Forrest’s onsite services model to assist law firms along their digital transformation journey. “Digital transformation is not just about technology. Having the right people and process in place is equally important,” says Bill Bice, CEO of nQ Zebraworks. “I’m thrilled that we can partner with Forrest to deliver solutions on both fronts and improve firms’ likelihood of success.

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