Mobile App

Turbocharge ScanQ and PrintQ with the nQzw Mobile App for seamless scanning and printing capabilities regardless of where you are working from. Transform your mobile device into an enterprise-level MFD in your pocket with a simple, friendly, easy-to-use interface.

Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Scan documents directly to your Queue using your mobile device and enjoy the powerful OCR and workflow capabilities as if you had used a MFD. Using the nQzw app, documents are kept within your organization’s security protocols, never leaving copies on individual devices.

Secure Print Release

Print jobs won't be released until an authenticated user releases them securely from their device.

Works Within Other Apps

A simplified user experience that leverages your organization’s existing access for login, and leverages Open In from other apps to scan or print.

Work The Same From Anywhere with
extended mobile functionality for scanning and printing.

MobileApp Privacy Policy

To learn more about how nQ Zebraworks’ can turbocharge your scanning and printing workflows  get in touch with us today!

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