Client Communication for Q4 of 2019

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020,
we hope you had a great year!

In August at ILTACON nQueue formally announced our Fifth Generation of products

As we previewed in our most recent Client Communication, nQueue’s Fifth Generation features a completely new interface designed for ease of use. Every task is simpler and easier to deploy, and user-defined workflows can be built almost instantly.

woman typing on laptop nQueue

Users do not have to toggle between the device’s screen and nQueue’s. Scan products now include failover and true load balancing, and copy, print and scan functionality can now be fully uncoupled from cost recovery. Fifth Generation is written on a new technology stack, positioning our products for today and long into the future.

In the months since several firms have already upgraded to Fifth Generation—and more have scheduled their transition. We are starting to see a backlog, so now is the time to contact your nQueue business development manager or Patty Robertson to learn more about Fifth Generation and how the upgrade will benefit your firm.

OnRamps, OffRamps and Process Ramps

Our clients love InfoRoute, because of our OnRamps, OffRamps, and now Process Ramps. But all this terminology can be confusing, so here is a simple breakdown:

  • OnRamps represent how documents are captured and delivered to InfoRoute for processing. OnRamps allow for scanning from MFDs (either with embedded software or tablets), desktop scanners, copy centers or more.
  • OffRamps represent the delivery of the scanned document to its intended destination, e.g., email or DMS.
  • New Process Ramps hold a document to perform additional steps, such as QA.
  • In between the ramps, InfoRoute leverages ABBYY’s world-class processing engine for the fastest and most accurate OCRing in the industry.

QA is on the way!

man looking at data nqueue

Process Ramps provide the ability to hold a document to perform additional steps. nQueue is introducing one of our most requested Process Ramps: our QA Module.

The QA Module will allow someone to check that scanned documents are accurate before the originals are shredded and before they are electronically filed away.

Print AnyWhere continues to gain ground in the US and UK

Are your clients becoming more demanding with every security review? If so, you may be in for a headache if they are aware of all the unsecured paper that can be viewed or removed by anyone as it sits in printer output trays for hours waiting to be picked up. How interested would your CFO be in saving thousands of dollars each year on wasted prints that are never picked up at all?

Firms that deploy Print AnyWhere are increasing security by not leaving sensitive information for anyone to see, while saving the firm money by not printing documents that are never retrieved.

We just completed a study with a large UK firm, and deploying Print AnyWhere is saving it 34% in printing costs (representing more than $400,000 per year). That’s enough to pay for our system in three days.

Are you overdue for an upgrade?

Please understand that MS SQL and Server 2008 will reach end of life on January 14, 2020, and anything older than that is already outdated. If you need to move software and/or the database to new servers, now is the time—and it’s a great opportunity to bundle the move with our new Fifth Generation software.

If you want more details on nQueue’s Fifth Generation and product timelines, or are looking to upgrade a server, please contact your BDM or Patty Robertson.

Are you overdue for an upgrade?

Will you be at Legalweek on February 3-6 in New York? As a sponsor of the related LegalCIO event, we’ve set aside time for a series of private 20-minute “Snack-and-Learn” sessions to discuss a few simple ways to improve your scanning and document routing environment to benefit both your end-users and your clients.

man presenting to audience nqueue

These sessions will take place throughout the day on Tuesday and Wednesday in our meeting room at the Hilton. There will be refreshments, including adult beverages, so you can relax for a few minutes and have a drink or snack. Contact your BDM to sign up.

nQueue's Dream Team

A few weeks ago, we got this amazing email from one of our clients, and it’s too good not to share.

I just wanted to say a few words as we’re about to wrap up installing new machines with nQueue. This completes the installs we had planned for our first phase across all our locations and has been a long time in the making. To say this has gone extremely well is the understatement of the decade. This was an enormous effort and I can’t stress enough that it could not have been accomplished without the “Dream Team” this message is addressed to. I knew you all were good, but seeing you in action is the stuff of legend. Your level of customer service and expertise is second to none as evidenced by how well it was all received by our staff and attorneys.

The photo below sums things up nicely. The original was located in our accounting department above the printer they’ve been using to print pre-bills. I modified the sign after the new device was placed as I think it reflects the new reality much better . . .

Thank you, Dream Team, your legend lives on . . .

bob marley printer

Please reach out anytime to our client advocate

Patty Robertson, directly at 602.451.2918 or Additionally, our president and CEO Rick Hellers is always available. He is at and his mobile is +1 480.748.7894.

Happy Holidays from nQueue!

Most importantly, we’d like to wish you and yours all the best this holiday season and always.

To learn more about nQ Zebraworks, or for more insight and assistance,
get in touch with us today!

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