Big Law Converges Around a Late September Return—But That May Not Be Realistic

At nQ Zebraworks, we have been heavily invested in the conversation about hybrid operations and the moving target firms have around their in and out of office policies. That’s why we decided to help attorneys and legal professionals navigating this ever-changing landscape of in-and-out office work by aggregating firm policies in a single source where you can view the latest policies for AmLaw and Magic Circle firms that have made announcements. The Great Return describes office philosophies behind their definition of “hybrid”, “remote” and “office” as well as tracks the number of days firms are requiring attorneys to be in office, and vaccine mandates. 

The American Lawyer wrote an article yesterday about our tracker, highlighting the key takeaways from our research: 

  • While many firms are targeting September as a return date, many of these dates aren’t feasible 
  • 68% of firms are requiring a vaccine to return to the office 
  • More than half of the firms tracked have hybrid operations but many require a minimum three days in the office

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