The Power of Embedded Software in Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

Now more than ever, law firms are doubling down on the tools that enhance efficient document management and workflows that ensure productivity, client satisfaction, and maintaining a competitive edge. Despite the massive shifts we’ve seen in the last several years in how the business and practice of law are done, printing, scanning, copying, and cost tracking remain central to how law firms function, and firms still heavily rely on multi-function devices (MFDs) to power their scan, print, copy and cost-tracking needs.  

What has changed is:  

  • Law firms with multiple offices are contending with mixed environments  
  • Firms need to extend governance and security to support hybrid working 
  • Legacy terminal software support is disappearing, leaving firms floundering for solutions  

nQ Zebraworks is the pioneer in embedded technology for legal with over 15 years of R&D in the space. We were the first to garner a U.S. patent for our embedded software, and today, we are driving better #WorkFromAnywhere through our terminal-free software. With our embedded solutions, law firms can:  

  • Eliminate the need for external devices to be connected to the MFD 
  • Integrate with all leading document management systems and major time and billing systems  
  • Streamline printing, scanning, copying and cost tracking to a single legal-specific solution  
  • Rely on our software working seamlessly in mixed environments  
  • Exemplary Support from Implementation through Maintenance  

Eliminating External Devices  

The beauty of nQzw’s embedded software lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with MFDs without the need for external connections. This eliminates the complexities associated with connecting and managing external devices, allowing law firms to maximize their MFD investments. By simplifying the user experience and removing unnecessary steps, nQzw Embedded helps law firms save valuable time and resources while enhancing overall productivity. 

Deep Integration  

nQzw embedded software empowers law firm professionals to accomplish a wide array of tasks directly from their MFDs. With a simple tap, users can send scans to their designated queues and conveniently return to their desks to complete the necessary workflow, including built-in PDF editing capabilities. By eliminating the need for external devices, nQzw Embedded enhances efficiency, reduces bottlenecks, and facilitates a smooth document management process. 

Perfect Solution for Firms with Multiple Offices and Vendors 

Law firms with multiple offices often face the challenge of managing MFDs from different manufacturers. nQzw’s embedded support for all major MFD manufacturers makes it the perfect solution for firms operating in such environments. By offering consistent functionality across different MFD models and brands, nQzw streamlines operations and eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, resulting in significant cost savings and improved workflow continuity. Attorneys and staff working in a different office benefit from the same user experience, even on a different manufacturer’s device. 

Exemplary Support  

With over 15 years of experience in the embedded space, nQzw brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to law firms seeking to optimize their document management processes. The company has a proven track record of successfully integrating with major MFD manufacturers, establishing trust and reliability among its clientele. This experience ensures seamless compatibility and enhances the ease of implementation for law firms with diverse MFD vendors. 

nQzw Embedded combined with Queues revolutionizes document management by eliminating the need for external devices and simplifying the user experience. With its extensive experience and established partnerships in the embedded space, nQzw is the ideal choice for law firms with a mixed environment of MFDs, enabling them to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional client service. 


Patty Robertson

Director of Channel and Client Advocacy | nQ Zebraworks
Patty is responsible for supporting and growing the company’s partner and reseller relationships, ensuring client needs are met and communicating about updated products that could be of value. With over 30 years’ experience with both software and hardware supporting law firms, she is well versed in law firm operations and understands the challenges law firms face relative to technology.

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