Selling to Law Firms in the “Work From Anywhere” Era

Work From Anywhere
Work From Anywhere

The landscape for selling to law firms and legal professionals has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Tactics and strategies that once worked are no longer yielding the same results.

It’s impossible to sell to someone when you don’t have their attention - and the truth is, firms are distracted.

First, they were forced to quickly move to remote work, and now they must evolve to support a variety of options, which we refer to as “Work from Anywhere.” You need new strategies and ways of approaching firms and legal professionals that make sense under the new reality we find ourselves in.

To help our resellers navigate selling to law firms today, we’re compiling insights and strategies that will help guide you through some of the pain points we hear from both our clients and others in the field. We start with an overview of important considerations prior to initiating or rekindling a conversation with a law firm or legal professional.

Best Practices

1. Understand that law firms are under a lot of different stresses right now. The transition to work from anywhere has left many firms and legal professionals struggling to maintain consistency and security in handling client matters; and the potential move back may be just as troublesome. The same decision-makers that you’re accustomed to being in front of are now dealing with a range of new issues from real estate to personnel. Starting or picking up on a conversation requires sensitivity and awareness to each client’s situation.

2. Buyers are no longer primarily in an office environment, which impacts the products and offerings you put forth. To the extent possible, focus on products that support remote work. We’ve seen an increased interest in products like MailQ – which leverages the power of InfoRoute 5 to help firms manage their daily mail.

video conference

3. Get familiar with digital meeting platforms like Zoom. With limited ability of having face-to-face meetings, video conferencing is the new norm. Learn the ins and outs of your preferred platform to reduce technical difficulties that may arise. Here at nQ Zebraworks, we have a mythical “mute jar;” when someone forgets to un-mute we tell them they have to “put a dollar in the mute jar.” This keeps us accountable to each other as we engage in conversation virtually. There is a myriad of resources for best video conferencing practices, but here’s one we like in particular.

4. Foster and nurture existing relationships. It’s not about the sale today. Your clients and prospects are navigating a challenging time and need your support, patience, and expertise. The way you support and service your clients during this period will produce dividends later, and may even spur referrals.

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