ScanQ 6 New Features Review and Roadmap

In this webinar, we unveil the latest version of our scanning platform, ScanQ. Formerly known as InfoRoute, ScanQ has undergone significant enhancements, making it a powerful and versatile solution for document management and workflow optimization. 

ScanQ leverages the power of our innovative Queues technology, which serves as the centralized hub for all of your scanned documents. Firms are loving the power of Queues and all the enhancements: 

  • Queues, the inbox for all of your scanned documents 
  • MailQ Digital Mailroom – deliver documents to recepients instantly, wherever they are working from
  • iOs app puts MFD in your pocket: enables mobile devices to capture documents while on-the-go, keeping firm security protocols intact while leveraging the same OCR and workflow capabilities as your multi-function devices 
  • Extend MFD-level capability to desktop scanners (whether home office or distributed out to workstations)
  • Activity Stream audit log on all scanned documents 
  • What’s coming in 6.1


Bill Bice

CEO | nQ Zebraworks
Recognized as a legal tech industry visionary, receiving Thomson’s innovator of the year award. Founder of ProLaw Software (acquired by Thomson Reuters), West km (used by 70% of the top 1000 law firms worldwide) and Exemplify (acquired by Bloomberg Law).

Ken Bassham

CRO | nQ Zebraworks
Ken’s experience helping businesses grow started with joining ProLaw Software in 1998 as the National Sales Manager. During his tenure, he rolled out the B2B sales team that accelerated ProLaw’s expansion, leading to acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Ken joined the team at Thomson Reuters as Senior Director of Sales, overseeing the law firm segment.

Phil Hewson

Director of Product Design | nQ Zebraworks
Phil leads our product design team which focuses on product specification, user experience, prototyping and solutions architecture. He joined nQ Zebraworks in 2006 as an implementation specialist and managed projects for our legal clients in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He brings that same focus and dedication to ensuring our products meet the needs of our clients today and into the future.

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