Rick Hellers announces his retirement from nQzw

After delaying his retirement twice in the last two years, nQ Zebraworks co-founder Rick Hellers has announced his retirement. A founding member of the International Legal Technology Association and a pioneer in legal tech, Rick’s impact on nQzw and the legal community at large can’t be overstated. 

When Hellers co-founded nQ Zebraworks with CEO Bill Bice, his goal included building on nQueue’s legacy, providing positions for everyone, and creating his own exit plan. “I remain confident in nQ Zebraworks’ ability to grow nQ’s legacy. Likewise, I’m proud that every member of both nQ and Zebraworks was offered continued employment.” 

Between now and the end of the year, Hellers will stay involved with nQzw to wind down his activities and long term. 

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