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nQ Zebraworks Print AnyWhere

Printed documents are an essential part of the work of most law firms. Yet a conventional print management system can leave your firm vulnerable to lost, misplaced, or stolen documents – not to mention wasted paper. 

nQ Zebraworks Print AnyWhere separates the process of sending print jobs to the printer and releasing those jobs from the device. With Print AnyWhere, anyone can send print jobs from their laptop, desktop, or other devices to the printer. However, documents remain in the queue until an associate, partner, or other authorized user arrives at the printer and authenticates the release of their jobs from any compatible device. Printed documents never sit unsecured.

How it Works

Print AnyWhere was launched with the goal of enabling printing from multiple locations across your network. Now it also provides an invaluable solution for enhanced security. This system lets the user send print jobs as they normally would, but the job will not actually be printed until the user goes to the printer and releases the job using a key code or proximity card. Client confidential information is not exposed by documents sitting in an output tray, sometimes for hours.


One law firm client saved $432,589 (£344,090) in one year by introducing nQ Zebraworks Print AnyWhere software into its print production. The software paid for itself in just 45 days! Here are more specifics:

  • 1.8 million fewer printed pages for 2000+ users at the law firm
  • 219 trees saved because of reduced paper waste
  • 14 tons of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 2.2 automobiles taken off the road


nQ Zebraworks Print AnyWhere also provides features not available with other software packages.

Paper is a huge, underrated security risk. So often, documents are printed out that don’t need to be or that end up sitting at the printer for anyone to see, putting your firm (& your client) at risk. The best way to eliminate that risk is to get smart about document tracking and print management.

Not All Print Production Systems Are Created Equal

To learn more about nQ Zebraworks and how Print AnyWhere can help your law firm save money AND trees, get in touch with us today!

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