Overlooked Law Firm Security Issues

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WEBINAR REPLAY from April 17th, 2018 1PM ET – It seems like every week some law firm is in the headlines for security issues. Many of the biggest and most sophisticated firms have been hacked—and now that both bad actors and nation-states realize the treasure trove of data that many firms possess, there is no end in sight.

While the media has mostly focused on the risk from hacking, however, firms need to focus on much more. Too often, they overlook physical security, paper security, privacy risks and more.

In this complementary webinar, Jackson Kelly CIO and ILTA LegalSEC 2018 Education Program Co-chair Jeff Brandt and nQueue President & CEO Rick Hellers will discuss the following overlooked security and privacy risks:

              • Physical access to the firm: Once inside, are guests allowed to wander the premises?
              • Paper security: Lawyers leave documents everywhere, including in network printers.
              • Offsite security: Are devices secure outside the firms’ walls?
              • Screen privacy: Can prying eyes—in the office or outside—see what’s on your screens?
              • Phishing: Are your professionals trained to be aware of clever phishing techniques?
              • And more


Jeffrey K. Brandt, Chief Information Officer at Jackson Kelly and ILTA LegalSEC’s 2018 Education Program Co-chair

Richard P. Hellers, President & CEO at nQueue

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