Outlook integration for MailQ and ScanQ

Legal IT Insider announced the launch of our Outlook integration for MailQ and ScanQ via an exclusive with CEO Bill Bice.  The best user experience for attorneys and staff is the one they already using, and overwhelmingly, that’s Outlook: “Our MailQ users have always loved having the ability to view and manipulate scanned documents from within Queues, leveraging workflows to make it easy to profiles in the DMS. However, they have consistently expressed a preference for being able to view scanned files inside Outlook, where they do most of their everyday work,” says Bice. 

The launch of the Outlook integration coincides with our upcoming ILTA Product Briefing webinar, Digital Mailroom via Outlook,  on Wednesday, July 27th at 12:00 ET, hosted by CEO Bill Bice and CRO Ken Bassham, which will demonstrate the universal add-in in concert with our iOS mobile app for scanning and printing in hybrid work environments. 

Deep integrations with existing technology investments and  meeting attorneys and staff where they ‘live’ is just one of the ways nQzw is approaching how we create solutions to help the evolving landscape of legal.  Read the full exclusive on the Orange Rag to learn more. 

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