nQ Zebraworks delivers “MFD in Your Pocket”

nQzw’s™ Queues extends enterprise-level multifunction printer-scanner devices to provide legal professionals
with an “in-office” experience as they Work From Anywhere

Tempe, AZ – April 15, 2021 – nQ Zebraworks today announces the launch of two new products designed to help legal professionals Work From Anywhere: ScanQ and PrintQ. Together, ScanQ and PrintQ enable legal organizations to provide their team members with the ability to work as effectively as they do in the office—no matter where they are. Both are accessible via iOS mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, and leverage nQzw’s™ innovative Queues, which are designed to support workflows that optimize legal professionals’ experience as they Work From Anywhere. 

“The legal industry responded incredibly well to the pandemic, allowing its professionals to be productive enough from home almost immediately. As they return to the office, however, the stakes are raised. Legal professionals no longer feel it necessary to be in the office every day, but they do expect to be able to be fully productive no matter where they are.”

“You can’t Work From Anywhere if your critical paper documents exist only in one location,” adds Bice. These solutions are designed to deliver the full functionality of enterprise-level printers and scanners including secure printing and the automated routing of scanned documents, whether they are working in the office, at home or on the road.

ScanQ is a scanning and routing solution that is fast, accurate, user friendly, with a simple interface that legal professionals can use from a multi-function device (MFD) in the office, their desktop scanner at home, or an iOS mobile device wherever they are. nQzw’s innovative Queues enable firms to automate and customize their workflows, integrating with firms’ document management, expense reporting and accounting systems with a single inbox. ScanQ also enables PDF editing from within the application. While at home, users can start the process from a desktop scanner. While in the office, professionals enjoy a touch-less experience at the MFD, with all functionality handled from their own desks. It is no longer necessary to huddle around the MFD.

PrintQ enables printing from multiple locations, via laptop, desktop or iOS mobile devices. Print jobs are held in the professional’s Queue until an authorized user arrives at the printer and authenticates release. Authorization can be done by proximity card or from your iPhone, enabling a touch-less experience. PrintQ maximizes privacy, as printed documents do not sit unsecured in output trays, while reducing cost and environmental impact. In a recent trial, a single law firm using PrintQ printed 1.8 million fewer pages in a year, resulting in savings equivalent to $432,000 and 219 trees. 

“Firms are used to having control of their documents inside the firm, but Work From Anywhere introduces new challenges. This isn’t going to change, as many firms offer more flexibility to their attorneys and staff. A solution that supports a hybrid environment is necessary,” adds Bice. “ScanQ and PrintQ are powered by our Queues, which automates workflows and delivers the key information attorneys and staff need, wherever they are, from an MFD, desktop or iOS mobile device.”

About nQ Zebraworks

nQ Zebraworks Queues is the workflow engine that drives the business and practice of law. nQzw provides workflow solutions to more than 35% of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia and five of the top 10globally. It provides scanning and printing, practice management and cost recovery and analytics solutions that drive Work From Anywhere and other critical workflows.

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