Real World Successes with BillingQ

Invoices-to-cash solution enhances current billing system to streamline law firm billing processes.

Law firms implementing BillingQ have much to say about its benefits: streamlining operations, enhancing accounts receivable management, and seamless integrations with financial management systems:

Streamlining Billing Processes and Enhancing Efficiency

BillingQ has proven instrumental in addressing the complexities of billing processes in law firms of varying sizes and specializations:

  • Practus,LLP, a fully remote law firm, leveraged BillingQ to manage its growing billing demands efficiently. This significantly reduced the need for additional billing staff and simplified bill distribution as the firm expanded.
  • Worden Thane witnessed a remarkable reduction in their billing cycle by four days. They attribute this efficiency to BillingQ’s automation capabilities, which also enhanced their ability to manage special billing requests and physical mail-outs.
  • Nelson Hardiman found value in BillingQ’s centralized access to billing information and dashboard functionality, making it a preferred financial platform.
  • Markowitz Herbold valued the deep integration between BillingQ and ProLaw, freeing up valuable time for staff; “Tasks that previously took minutes can now be completed in seconds.”

BillingQ has made our accountant's and attorneys' lives so much simpler.

We have saved a lot of time with our manual process and we have seen an uptick in our A/R collections.

Improving Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management

Automating follow-up processes and providing detailed invoice information have significantly contributed to time efficiency and facilitated better communication with clients:

  • Firms like McNamee Hosea and Nelson Hardiman have highlighted the shift from manual A/R processes to automated systems with BillingQ, leading to improved collections and transparency.
  • Lippes Mathias has experienced the critical impact of automating the last stage of their billing cycle, which resulted in a timelier payment and better attorney-client relations, “I would highly recommend BillingQ, especially for firms struggling with the collections process,” Richard Rychlicki, CFO.
  • Email merge fields created professional communications without error that Christie Lok, Director of Finance at Markowitz Herbold, relied on for automated bill delivery. Customizable by billing attorney, client and matter, emails always delivered to the “to” and “cc” contacts on file.

Integrated Cloud Solutions and Efficient Workflows

  • The synergy between BillingQ and DataQ, operating on Azure, exemplifies the power of SaaS applications in law firms.
  • This integration updates data every 15 minutes and offers compelling real-time insights, enhancing workflow efficiency and user-friendliness.
  • BillingQ’s email queue for approvals and customizable dashboards have been particularly beneficial, improving attorneys’ engagement in financial matters: “Tasks that previously took minutes can now be completed in seconds,” Lok.

After a month of implementation our accountant had shaved off two days from her billing process.

We encourage everyone at the firm to use BillingQ as the central financial management platform.

Exceptional Support & Customization

Our team of experts, led by Stefani Odom-Wertz, is there from implementations to maintenance and will customize the software to make it perform to the firm’s unique needs:

    • “During implementation and afterward, there were regularly scheduled meetings with Stef and her team that we could always count on. ‘Wish list’ items would be diligently noted and proactively addressed, and features would get developed based on our feedback,” Gina Martin, Executive Director | Nelson Hardiman.
    • “Stefani is an amazing resource and sets up workflows based on the customizations you need,” Natalie Burns, Firm Administrator | McNamee Hosea

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