How to Sell to Law Firms – Focus on Hybrid Solutions

How to Sell to Law Firms – Focus on Hybrid Solutions

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, law firms adopting new work models for their attorneys and staff will continue to rise. New models include those that combine remote and on-premises work, as acceptance of “work from anywhere” has become widespread across industries, with legal being no exception. As such, law firms must adapt and provide the right tools and technology to enable that kind of work.

Let’s take, for example, the issue of the daily mail. Physical mail continues to be delivered to offices where attorneys and staff are not–or not always. At the start of the pandemic, law firms struggled to identify solutions for getting their daily mail from the office to their desired recipient. Most firms quickly created an ad-hoc solution for this issue where daily mail is scanned to email inboxes or sent directly to a firm’s document management system to be stored and reviewed. 

These solutions fix the immediate problem but create a new set of issues, namely, clogged email inboxes and DMS systems. nQ Zebraworks created MailQ to alleviate this problem by scanning direct mail into innovative queues, which allow users to discard the junk and route the rest to their email, DMS folder or desktop.

Successful selling to law firms requires being responsive to law firms’ needs and pivoting your selling strategies away from solutions that benefit on-premises models exclusively.  Focus instead on ones that enable collaboration, access, and productivity in remote and hybrid work models. 

Wherever they are working, legal professionals still need access to key documents that arrive or are stored at the firm’s offices.

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