We Provide You with The Expertise You Need To Make the Sale

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Law firms can be demanding and tough, and often making the sale requires obtaining in-depth subject matter knowledge of the legal profession. 

nQ Zebraworks knows that developing an adaptable approach to the demands of the legal market can be tricky. A hard sell, high-pressure approach just won’t work. Instead, we provide you with the subject matter expertise needed to demonstrate the advantages of one piece of hardware or software over another – especially when what you are offering costs more.

With nQ Zebraworks, You're Not Just a Salesperson – You're a Marketing Professional

With nQ Zebraworks as the legal expert in your pocket, you will be able to speak knowledgeably to your clients about document routing and cost recovery. You will have the tools to demonstrate that you understand how critical it is to ensure document security and that you can offer a solution through nQ Zebraworks PrintAnywhere software. 

With nQ Zebraworks, you’re not just a salesperson – you’re a marketing professional with specialized expertise about the legal market. Your clients will trust your expertise because you will be speaking their language and demonstrating that you understand the complexities of the legal industry. 

nQ Zebraworks has endeavored to make the sales and implementation process as easy as possible and we will provide as much or as little support during the sales process as you require.

World Class Customer Support

Meanwhile, nQ Zebraworks sweats the details of implementation, allowing you to complete the transaction, make the sale and pocket a hefty commission. Our outstanding customer service ensures that your satisfied customers remain satisfied so that when it’s time for an upgrade or a replacement, they return to you because they know you have the knowledge to help them find the best document handling solutions to meet their needs.

At nQ Zebraworks, we’ve compiled the knowledge of the legal profession so you can concentrate on selling the right solution to your clients.

About the Reseller Program

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nQ Zebraworks has a three-tiered program for resellers called VIP. Through our VIP program, Silver, Gold and Platinum level partners can sell our well-regarded software solutions to law firms across the country.

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To learn more about the nQ Zebraworks Reseller program, or to become an nQ Zebraworks software reseller, contact our National Director of Channel Sales,
Dave Umlah.

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