Digital Mailroom via Outlook

The best user experience for attorneys and staff is what they’re already using. With MailQ, recipients scanned mail items are delivered instantly in Outlook, both on mobile and desktop devices. It’s the best of both worlds: your email isn’t clogged up with large attachments, but attorneys and staff get their mail exactly where they want it, in Outlook.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:


The perfect solution for hybrid work

Discover how MailQ, in combination with the nQzw mobile app for scanning and printing, offers the ideal solution for hybrid work environments. Explore how this powerful integration enables seamless mail delivery, regardless of whether recipients are working remotely or in the office, ensuring attorneys and staff receive their mail promptly in their preferred Outlook environment.

The Limitations of Scanning to Email or DMS

Understand why scanning directly to email or your Document Management System (DMS) may not be the most efficient solution. Uncover the challenges associated with large attachments clogging up email inboxes and explore the alternative approaches that MailQ provides to optimize mail management processes.

Increasing Efficiency with Queues Workflows

Experience the power of Queues workflows in enhancing efficiency. Learn how MailQ leverages these workflows to streamline mail management, allowing for seamless routing and processing of mail items within your organization. Discover how this approach can significantly reduce manual intervention and improve overall productivity.

Maintaining Oversight and Audit Trails

Gain insights into how MailQ ensures comprehensive oversight and audit trails for digital mail. Explore the robust features that enable you to track and monitor the movement of mail items, ensuring compliance and accountability within your organization.

Leveraging Integration with Leading DMS Platforms

Uncover the seamless integration capabilities of MailQ with industry-leading Document Management Systems. Learn how MailQ integrates with iManage (Universal App), NetDocuments, Worldox, and ProLaw, enabling smooth and efficient mail management within your preferred DMS environment.

Customizing Workflows with Shared Queues and Delegate Access

Explore the flexibility of MailQ’s Shared Queues and delegate access features. Discover how you can tailor workflows to specific use cases by customizing access levels and delegating responsibilities within your organization. This customization empowers you to align mail management processes with your unique business requirements.



Bill Bice

CEO | nQ Zebraworks
Recognized as a legal tech industry visionary, receiving Thomson’s innovator of the year award. Founder of ProLaw Software (acquired by Thomson Reuters), West km (used by 70% of the top 1000 law firms worldwide) and Exemplify (acquired by Bloomberg Law).

Ken Bassham

CRO | nQ Zebraworks
Ken’s experience helping businesses grow started with joining ProLaw Software in 1998 as the National Sales Manager. During his tenure, he rolled out the B2B sales team that accelerated ProLaw’s expansion, leading to acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Ken joined the team at Thomson Reuters as Senior Director of Sales, overseeing the law firm segment.

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