BillingQ Streamlines Billing Cycle Amid Attorney Expansion

Fully remote law firm streamlines billing process, and provides a secure, client-friendly electronic payment solution with transparent, fixed-rate processing fees

Practus, LLP, a fully remote law firm, faced significant challenges in its billing processes due to its rapidly expanding size and the inherent complexities of remote operations. With BillingQ, the firm streamlined its billing cycle and introduced a better client experience for collecting payments.  

When Sandra Haislet joined Practus three years ago, the firm had 20 attorneys and a manual, time-consuming billing process. The process involved generating bills, pulling PDFs from the system, and customizing cover letters for each client—a practice that required a significant amount of manual copying and pasting. 


  • Manual Billing Process: The initial billing process relied heavily on manual tasks, leading to inefficiencies. 
  • Staffing Issues: As the firm grew to 46 attorneys, the workload became unsustainable, necessitating the hiring of additional staff solely for billing purposes. 
  • Limited Invoice Details: Using ProLaw for A/R, the firm could only provide outstanding amounts without detailed invoices, which clients often requested. 

Recognizing these challenges, Practus turned to BillingQ 

Impact of BillingQ 

  • Streamlined Billing Process: Implementing BillingQ allowed Practus to manage its billing process more efficiently, even with a significant increase in attorneys. 
  • Reduced Staffing Needs: Remarkably, despite the firm’s growth, Practus now manages its billing with just one person, thanks to the efficiencies introduced by BillingQ. 
  • Enhanced Invoice Management: As Sandra notes, BillingQ’s ability to compile all outstanding invoices was “the biggest time saver.” 

BillingQ has made their life so much simpler.

Electronic Payments Solution  

Another significant improvement was the adoption of BillingQ’s electronic credit card solution. 

  • Secure and Efficient Payments: The system enabled secure payment processing over the phone and provided clients with a clear view of their balances. 
  • Client Convenience: Clients gained the flexibility to pay some or all their invoices from anywhere, a marked improvement over the previous use of PayPal, which Sandra found to be “clunky, uncomfortable, awkward with clients.” 
  • Fixed Rate Processing Fee: BillingQ offered a fixed rate for credit card processing, streamlining the financial aspects for Practus. 

We absolutely love BillingQ’s payment solution.

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