BillingQ lands on list of new legal tech for 2022

The launch of our cornerstone practice management solution BillingQ landed on a list of recent company and product announcements compiled by Legaltech news. LTN has been examining the increase in corporate legal department-facing technology and reports that the sector is “fully burning” with a flurry of new releases hitting the market. No doubt there’s been a significant increase in new technologies for legal in the last three years, but the beauty of BillingQ is that it’s not an investment into a new solution.

BillingQ leverages the investment in your existing financial management system to deliver automated workflows around the billing process, reducing the number of days in your billing cycle. Speaking to LTN’s Editor-in-Chief Zach Warren last week for an exclusive, Warren highlights that the new products aren’t intended to be replacements for a firm’s current practice management system. Rather, BillingQ and DataQ are intended to integrate into those preexisting systems, especially considering that many firms “really don’t want to have to switch practice management systems” due to the time and money it takes to get them running, says nQzw CEO Bill Bice.

Read up on BillingQ and other new legal tech in LTN’s round-up. 

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