Billing Workflow Automation ROI

Let’s illustrate the value of focusing on your billing client communications, the fourth stage of the Law Firm Billing Process Relay, with some quick numbers highlighting the results that we typically see by introducing automation and process.

Are you manually emailing your bills, or wish that your email delivery was more professional? No more! BillingQ automates professional email bill delivery:

  • Professional emails with merge templates
  • Emails sent from the firm’s Outlook, appearing in Sent Items like any other email, allowing clients to respond
  • Email Queues for billing attorneys and/or their delegates to review final bills and approve
  • Manages CCs

The next major step is sending A/R Notices on overdue accounts. BillingQ workflows also automate this process:

  • A/R Notices includes a single PDF with a Statement of Account and copies of all outstanding bills
  • Optional review by billing attorneys and/or their delegates in Email Queues
  • Same professional email merge templates

As an added bonus, BillingQ also automates following up on matters with trust replenishment minimums, optionally taking WIP into account.

When you think about how long these manual processes take today, it doesn’t take long to see the ROI on implementing billing workflow automation. The typical law firm saves 4-6 days in their billing cycle each month, freeing up your staff for higher-value tasks. By automating approval processes, BillingQ also saves billing attorney time. 

And, of course, reducing the time it takes to send out bills and A/R Notices also reduces the time it takes to get paid. 

Learn more about the automation process in BillingQ.


Bill Bice

CEO | nQ Zebraworks
Recognized as a legal tech industry visionary, receiving Thomson’s innovator of the year award. Founder of ProLaw Software (acquired by Thomson Reuters), West km (used by 70% of the top 1000 law firms worldwide) and Exemplify (acquired by Bloomberg Law).

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