nQzw Integration for BigHand Workflow Management

With nQzw’s integration, you can turn scanned documents and incoming mail items directly into tasks in BigHand Workflow Management, automatically routing document-based jobs to the right support staff. The combination of nQzw and BigHand Workflow Management streamlines hybrid working while managing specialized support groups and optimizing turnaround times.

Simplified Task Delegation

With BigHand Workflow Management, attorneys delegate tasks which are automatically routed to the right resource. MailQ and ScanQ integration facilitates task assignments that are document related, as it can otherwise be difficult to delegate or route a task that’s attached to physical paper.

Scanning Workflows

You can choose a BigHand Workflow Management workflow in ScanQ with one button press on the MFD or recipients can choose the BigHand Now workflow from Queues. Customizable workflows in ScanQ result in improved efficiency with tasks completed consistently and accurately every time. Integration with BigHand Now extends those workflows to specialized support teams with monitoring through to completion.

Digital Mailroom

Managing physical mail in a hybrid work environment is cumbersome and inefficient. MailQ integrates directly with BigHand Workflow Management for immediate, secure mail delivery to recipients while providing oversight and governance. Shared Queues enables team recipients, making it easy to reassign documents between recipients and Shared Queues to deliver mail to the right place.

Turbocharge Your Digital Workflows

Fully leverage the power of BigHand Workflow Management with automated Queues workflows

Automatic Routing

Queues workflows are a more efficient way to profile documents through BigHand Workflow Management by simplifying configuration and eliminating redundant steps to get your scanned documents into the right resource.

Facilitate Task Assignments

The integration with MailQ and ScanQ facilitates task assignments that are document related, as it can otherwise be difficult to delegate or route a task that's attached to physcial paper.

Simplified Workflows

The MailQ and ScanQ integration with BigHand Workflow Management uniquely provides a simple method for delivering, viewing and routing mail, making mail and digitalization processes much simpler and more efficient.

To learn more about Queues and unlocking the power of BigHand Workflow Management contact us directly to get in touch with one of our experts. 

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